CBC is now a part of Undaunted Agency

Thank you for stopping by, and look forward to seeing CBC Creative's work on the Undaunted website soon as we merge our teams. If you have any questions regarding the CBC acquisition please reach out to the undaunted crew at

Get to know Our core Values
  • Serve with Kindness
  • Curate a Visual Well
  • Be Collaborative
  • Build Community
  • Maintain Transparency
  • Be Audaciously Creative

Get to know our team

Jonathan Menjivar-Lopez
CEO + Brand Strategist
Ashton Edwards-Butler
Creative Director
Ayaz Ali
Chief Operating Officer
Hayden Merrick
Creative Copywriter
Myca Williamson
Account Executive
Sierra Sanders
Creative Producer
Sydney Tarsi
Graphic Designer
Ronald Fuquay
Web Developer
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