Website + Brand Refresh

Texoma Health Foundation

Supporting  happy, healthy, and hopeful lives for residents of the Texoma community has been Texoma Health Foundation's  focus since its inception in 2006. Now  they have recognized their power as a change engine and want to leverage their position as thought leaders.

Previous  PROJECT

Our strategy centered around a website that is responsive to any member of the community, no matter what walk of life they found themselves on. It also needed to resonate with other movers-and-shakers since Texoma Health Foundations biggest contribution has been its ability to leverage strategic partnerships.

We started by translating their long list of offerings and public information into a succinct website that encouraged visitors to explore and understand their offerings. We found ways to highlight successes and emphasize where work still needs to be done. The final website has become a wealth of resources that is as agile and responsive as Texoma Health Foundation.

With updated messaging came a refreshed look based on colors and patterns they had already been applying. We brought these independent elements together and build a cohesive brand guide with their logo, official colors, photography, language, and patterns. This branded document serves as an example and source of inspiration to those seeking to match the Texoma Health Foundation brand. Material like this helps internal and external teams stay on the same page and maintain consistency for years to come.

To experience the new website, click here.